Effect of Lensectomy on the Movement of Tracers From Vitreous to Aqueous

John T. Thompson, Bert M. Glaser

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To investigate the effect of extracapsular lensectomy with posterior capsulotomy, 20,000- and 70,000-dalton dextran was injected into the vitreous of rabbits. The concentration of the 20,000-dalton dextran in the aqueous of aphakic eyes was 14-fold greater than in phakic eyes 3.5 hours after injection of dextran into the vitreous. The aqueous concentration of the 70,000-dalton dextran was four times greater in aphakic eyes after 3.5 hours. The aqueous concentration of a 20,000-dalton dextran in phakic and aphakic eyes became equal between 15.5 and 22.0 hours after injection. Thus, extracapsular lensectomy with posterior capsulotomy increased the rate of movement of a single bolus of both 20,000- and 70,000-dalton dextran preparations from the vitreous to the anterior chamber.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)1077-1078
Number of pages2
JournalArchives of ophthalmology
Issue number7
StatePublished - Jul 1984
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