Economic and cost-effectiveness investigations of radiologic practices

Neil R. Powe

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Economic evaluations provide scientific data regarding the cost implications of radiologic practices and, most important, which strategies for patient care yield the best outcomes for the least cost. Although this article is meant to enrich understanding of cost-effectiveness studies, it cannot be regarded as a complete training program for undertaking such investigations. Just as training in clinical science is important for radiology research, training in the economics of health and medical care is important for performing economic investigations. Therefore, radiologists' work in this area is likely to be enhanced by involving an individual with appropriate economics training on the research team when conducting an economic investigation. Clinical radiologists and investigators in radiologic sciences should be capable of understanding and evaluating the design, performance, and interpretation of results of economic investigations, since radiology practice is likely to be influenced by the findings from such research. The principles described in this article are fundamental to generation of sound information that can guide radiologists' practice in an environment increasingly threatened by resource constraints (37).

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StatePublished - Jul 1994


  • Cost effectiveness
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