Dosage of 5 S and ribosomal genes during oogenesis of Drosophila melanogaster

Marcelo Jacobs-Lorena

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During growth, the Drosophila egg chamber increases its DNA content over a thousandfold, mainly by polyploidization of the nurse cell nuclei. We wanted to determine if 5 S and ribosomal genes are replicated to the same extent as the remaining DNA. Egg chambers were mass fractionated to represent different size classes and, therefore, different stages of oogenesis. Nucleic acids were extracted from each class of egg chambers, and after removal and quantitation of the RNA, the content of 5 S and ribosomal genes in the different DNA fractions was assayed by filter hybridization. Diploid DNA and DNA from polytene salivary gland cells served as references. It was concluded that: (1) Ribosomal genes become underreplicated as oogenesis proceeds, but to a much lower extent than in polytene chromosomes of salivary glands of the same organism. (2) By contrast, 5 S genes are equally replicated in egg chambers of all stages of oogenesis. (3) Notwithstanding the large increase in DNA content of egg chambers during oogenesis, the increase in total RNA content (mostly ribosomal RNA) is over 15 times as large.

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JournalDevelopmental biology
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StatePublished - 1980
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