Does statin use affect the risk of developing prostate cancer?

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This commentary discusses the findings of Agalliu and colleagues, who performed a population-based, case-control study on the association between statin drugs and prostate cancer risk. Consistent with recent studies, statins were not associated with overall prostate cancer risk, but users had a possible lower risk of advanced disease. Obese men taking a statin had a higher risk of prostate cancer than those not taking a statin; however, a previously conducted, large, prospective, cohort study did not observe this association. This unexpected finding by Agalliu et al. could be a chance result, or could have arisen because of complex bias. Although statins might favorably affect men's prostate health, evidence is too limited to recommend statin use for the prevention of advanced prostate cancer. Consideration of the harms and benefits when prescribing a statin for vascular indications, including in obese men, should not presently include prostate cancer risk.

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