Cytomegalovirus mismatch as major risk factor for delayed graft function after pancreas transplantation

Manuel Maglione, Matthias O. Biebl, Hugo Bonatti, Georg Göbel, Thomas Ratschiller, Stefan Schneeberger, Gerald Brandacher, Paul Hengster, Christian Margreiter, Nicole Berger, Raimund Margreiter, Johann Pratschke, Walter Mark

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Background. Risk factors for delayed graft function (DGF) in pancreas transplantation (PTx) and its implications on graft survival are poorly defined. Methods. Eighty-seven consecutive first-time PTx for type I diabetes performed between January 2003 and December 2007 were retrospectively reviewed. DGF was defined as a reversible need for exogenous insulin beyond postoperative day 10 (DGF group [DGFG]). For statistical analysis, DGFG patients were compared with patients with immediate graft function (control group [CG]). Results. DGF occurred in 16 patients (18.6%). C-peptide levels and DGF were inversely correlated (r=0.24, P=0.03). In univariate analysis, donor cytomegalovirus (CMV)+ antibody status, and D+/R-CMV mismatch were significantly associated with DGF (81.3% vs. CG 52.1%, P=0.029; and 62.5% vs. CG 21.1%, P=0.002, respectively). Compared with University of Wisconsin solution, histidine tryptophan ketoglutarate-preserved grafts displayed higher DGF rates (37.5% vs. CG 12.7%, P=0.030), similar to female recipients (DGFG 68.8% vs. CG 35.2%, P=0.015). On multivariate analysis, a significantly higher DGF incidence was noted in female recipients (DGFG 68.8% vs. CG 35.2%; P=0.03) and in recipients with D+/R-CMV mismatch (DGFG 62.5% vs. CG 21.1%; P=0.03). With a median follow-up of 40.4 months (range 0.7-74.2), graft survival at 5 years did not differ between both groups (94.4% CG vs. 93.8% DGFG; P=0.791). Conclusion. This is the first study that identifies CMV mismatch (D+/R-) as an additional risk factor for DGF occurrence in PTx. In this particular cohort, DGF does not seem to affect graft survival.

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StatePublished - Sep 27 2010
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  • Cytomegalovirus
  • Delayed graft function
  • Pancreas transplantation

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