Cryptic subtelomeric translocations in the 22q13 deletion syndrome

Verayuth Praphanphoj, Barbara K. Goodman, George H. Thomas, Gerald V. Raymond

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Cryptic subtelomeric rearrangements are suspected to underlie a substantial portion of terminal chromosomal deletions. We have previously described two children, one with an unbalanced subtelomeric rearrangement resulting in deletion of 22q13→qter and duplication of 1qter, and a second with an apparently simple 22q13→qter deletion. We have examined two additional patients with deletions of 22q13→qter. In one of the new patients presented here, clinical findings were suggestive of the 22q13 deletion syndrome and FISH for 22qter was requested. Chromosome studies suggested an abnormality involving the telomere of one 22q (46,XX,?add(22) (q13.3)). FISH using Oncor D22S39 and Vysis ARSA probes confirmed a terminal deletion. A multi-telomere FISH assay showed a signal from 19qter on the deleted chromosome 22. Results were confirmed with 19qtel and 22qtel specific probes. The patient is therefore trisomic for 19qter and monosomic for 22qter. The patient's mother was found to have a translocation (19;22) (q13.42;q13.31). We also reexamined chromosomes from two patients previously diagnosed with 22q deletions who were not known to have a rearrangement using the multi-telomere assay. One of these patients was found to have a derivative chromosome 22 (der(22)t(6;22) (p25;q13)). No evidence of rearrangement was detected in the other patient. Thus we have found the 22q13 deletion to be associated with a translocation in three of four patients. This report illustrates the usefulness of examining patients with hypotonia, severe language delay, and mild facial dysmorphism for this syndrome and suggests that most of these deletions may be unbalanced subtelomeric rearrangements.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)58-61
Number of pages4
JournalJournal of medical genetics
Issue number1
StatePublished - 2000


  • 22qter deletion syndrome
  • Multi-telomere FISH
  • Partial monosomy 22q
  • Subtelomeric rearrangement

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