Costing Dengue Fever Cases and Outbreaks: Recommendations from a Costing Dengue Working Group in the Americas

Dagna Constenla, Blas Armien, Juan Arredondo, Maribel Carabali, Gabriel Carrasquilla, Raul Castro, Laure Durand, Luis Durán-Arenas, Maria Elena García, Rivera Verónica Gallegos, Maria Luisa Gontes, Juan Guillermo López, Charlton McFarlane, Romeo Montoya, Ana Maria Sartori, João Bosco Siqueira, Celina Turchi Martelli

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Objectives: The overall aim of this article was to present a step-by-step guideline for determining the costs associated with dengue in dengue-endemic countries of the Latin American and the Caribbean region and to illustrate how each of these steps can be applied in dengue costing studies. Methods: An expert panel was convened to develop standards for costing dengue so that over the next decade, decision makers will have access to improved information on the true cost of dengue in endemic countries of the Latin American and the Caribbean region. We described the outcome of the expert panel meeting, which resulted in the provision of a step-by-step dengue costing guideline that aims to provide direction to planners and program managers on how to estimate dengue economic burden studies, and provide a discussion forum of the methods used to cost dengue fever cases and outbreaks in a manner that should be accessible to persons with some familiarity with a cost study. Results: The guideline includes nine sequential steps: 1) definition of the scope of the study; 2) identification of the target population; 3) description of the study perspective; 4) definition of the time horizon; 5) calculation of the sample size; 6) definition of the unit of analysis; 7) identification of the cost items; 8) measurement and valuation of the cost items; and 9) handling of uncertainty. The trade-off between accurate, patient-level cost estimates and data availability constraints is discussed. Conclusions: The current guideline is the result of constructive collaboration among a multidisciplinary research team to better ascertain the true economic burden of dengue across countries of the region.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)80-91
Number of pages12
JournalValue in Health Regional Issues
StatePublished - Dec 1 2015


  • Costing
  • Dengue fever cases
  • Dengue outbreaks

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