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County mortality rates for coronary heart disease (8th ICD codes 410-413) and cerebrovascular diseases (8th ICD codes 430-438) were calculated for 35-74 year old white males and white females for the period 1968-1971. (ICD: International Classification of Diseases. ) Rates were age-adjusted to the 1960 U. S. population. Maps displaying counties by quartiles of mortality were created for the contiguous United States. In addition, data were also mapped for various demographic variables that might relate to cardiovascular mortality. Using these data bivariate maps which display quartiles of mortality against quartiles of demographic characteristics were created. These maps offer a method of displaying large amounts of data and may be used as an hypotheses generating mechanism. Advantages and disadvantages in using this technique are discussed.

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EventAnnu Symp on Comput Appl in Med Care, 3rd, Proc - Washington, DC, USA
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OtherAnnu Symp on Comput Appl in Med Care, 3rd, Proc
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