Community health workers

S. B. Rifkin

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The concept of community health workers (CHWs), inspired by China's 'barefoot doctors,' combined health service delivery and agent of change. It expanded rapidly in 1979 when primary health care was adopted as health policy for the member states of the World Health Organization. The translation of theory into practice identified five issues critical to the development of CHWs, which are explored in detail in this article. These issues are: (1) Who is the CHW? (2) Can CHWs be both service extenders and facilitators for community improvement? (3) What training and support do CHWs need? (4) Are CHW programs effective? and (5) Are CHW programs sustainable? © 2008

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  • Community health workers
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  • Community health workers-bangladesh
  • Community health workers-iran
  • Community health workers-jamkhed
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  • Cost-effectiveness of community health workers
  • Empowerment
  • Human resources incentives for community health workers
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  • Primary health care
  • Sustainability of community health workers
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