Clinical correlation between CEA and breast cancer

Douglass C. Tormey, T. Phillip Waalkes

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Elevated plasma CEA levels were observed in 14.2% (2/14) of preoperative patients, 7.9% (3/38) of postoperative patients, and 70.9% (83/117) of patients with metastatic disease. Within these respective groups the simultaneous measurement of hCG, three polyamines and three minor nucleosides further enhanced the detection rates to 69.2%, 54.2%, and 98.6%. It was observed that in patients with at least one elevated CEA, measurement of sequential CEA levels paralleled the clinical course of metastatic disease in 25 patients. Prior to therapy for metastatic disease CEA. levels > 5 ng/ml were associated with lower response rates and a shorter time to treatment failure than were levels > 5 ng/ml. This effect was enhanced in patients also having an elevated hCG level. Hepatic and osseous involvement were associated with a greater incidence of CEA elevations than were pulmonary or soft tissue sites of involvement.

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StatePublished - Sep 1978
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