Classification of Proliferative Vitreoretinopathy Used in the Silicone Study

John S. Lean, Walter H. Stern, Alexander R. Irvine, Stanley P. Azen, S. P. Azen, W. Barlow, D. Boone, B. Quillen-Thomas, M. S. Cox, M. S. Blumenkranz, R. R. Margherio, P. L. Murphy, M. T. Trese, G. W. Blankenship, J. Clarkson, H. Flynn, B. W. McCuen, B. Anderson, E. deJuan, R. MachemerE. Stefansson, J. S. Tiedeman, T. A. Meredith, T. M. Aaberg, H. J. Kaplan, P. Sternberg, H. M. Freeman, F. I. Tolentino, B. M. Glaser, S. deBustros, R. Michels, G. W. Abrams, T. Burton, W. F. Mieler, G. A. Williams, A. Kreiger, K. R. Diddie, J. Sidikaro, M. Yoshizumi, W. H. Stern, A. R. Irvine, R. D. Stone, J. S. Lean, P. E. Liggett, S. J. Ryan, J. L. Federman, D. Fischer, L. K. Sarin, W. S. Tasman, C. S. Barr, R. A.A. Isernhagen, N. D. Radtke, W. J. Wood, R. C. Ramsay, H. L. Cantrill, W. H. Knoblock, W. L. Hutton, D. G. Fuller, B. Jost, W. R. Snyder, W. B. Spender, A. Vaiser, A. Irvine, G. Hilton, L. Lonn, A. Schwartz, J. Hoffman, B. Morris, A. Hillis, A. A. Afifi, D. Finkelstein, E. B. McLean, A. S. Rudisill, C. P. Wilkinson, R. Mowery, M. D. Davis, P. Dudley, I. Goldberg, J. McLaughlin

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The Silicone Study is a multicenter randomized clinical trial that compares' a long-acting gas with silicone oil for the surgical treatment of proliferative vitreoretinopathy (PVR). As part of the study, a topographic classification of PVR has been developed that is based on the characteristic patterns of retinal distortion produced by the contraction of proliferative membranes on the retina or within the vitreous base. This classification is used to document the extent and anatomic distribution of PVR present preoperatively and to help standardize the surgical treatment. Experience has shown that this classification facilitates the identification of these membranes and their systematic dissection, and the authors therefore suggest that it be used to augment the Retina Society classification of PVR.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)765-771
Number of pages7
Issue number6
StatePublished - 1989
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