Cladosporium herbarum translationally controlled tumor protein (TCTP) is an IgE-binding antigen and is associated with disease severity

Raphaela Rid, Birgit Simon-Nobbe, Jacqueline Langdon, Claudia Holler, Verena Wally, Verena Pöll, Christof Ebner, Wolfgang Hemmer, Thomas Hawranek, Roland Lang, Klaus Richter, Susan MacDonald, Mark Rinnerthaler, Peter Laun, Adriano Mari, Michael Breitenbach

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Cladosporium herbarum represents one of the most important world-wide occurring allergenic fungal species. The prevalence of IgE reactivity to C. herbarum in patients suffering from allergy varies between 5 and 30% in the different climatic zones. Since mold allergy has often been associated with severe asthma, along with other allergic symptoms, it is important to define more comprehensively the allergen repertoire of this ascomycete. In this context we are reporting our successful approach to identify, clone, produce as a recombinant protein, purify and further characterize a new C. herbarum allergen which is a close homolog of the human translationally controlled tumor protein (TCTP, also called histamine releasing factor, HRF). The immunoreactivity of both pure recombinant molecules was investigated by means of immunoblot analyses, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays as well as histamine release studies. To summarize, IgE antibodies from five out of nine individuals recognized both the human and the fungal protein in immunoblots. The latter was able to cause histamine release from human basophils with about half the efficiency compared to its human homolog HRF. Cross-inhibition assays showed that the patients' IgEs recognize common epitopes on both the human and C. herbarum proteins, but however, only pre-incubation with C. herbarum TCTP could completely inhibit reactivity with HRF. Furthermore, it appears that patients reactive to TCTP have a higher probability to suffer from asthma than other allergic patients.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)406-418
Number of pages13
JournalMolecular Immunology
Issue number2
StatePublished - Jan 2008
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  • Allergy
  • Autoreactivity
  • Cladosporium herbarum
  • Histamine releasing factor
  • Mold
  • TCTP

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