Childlessness: A life choice that goes against the norm

Charlotte Debest, Magali Mazuy, N. Bajos, C. Moreau, A. Bohet, A. Andro, L. Aussel, J. Bouyer, G. Charrance, C. Debest, D. Dinova, D. Hassoun, M. Le Guen, S. Legleye, E. Marsicano, M. Mazuy, E. Moreau, H. Panjo, N. Razafindratsima, A. Régnier-LoilierV. Ringa, E. De La Rochebrochard, V. Rozée, M. Teboul, L. Toulemon, C. Ventola

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In France, only a minority of people wish to remain childless, and the proportion reporting this choice has remained stable for the last two decades. In statistical terms, reporting a wish to remain childless is more frequent among persons who are not in a union, among highly educated women and among men with a low educational level or at the end of their reproductive life. Data from the Fecond survey (2010) and from a qualitative interview-based survey indicated that more than half of the persons reporting a wish to remain childless are in a union and that the majority give "libertarian" reasons for this choice, such as being "happy without children" and a "desire for freedom". Running counter to the "family" norm, these people affirm a positive life choice focusing on personal fulfilment.

Original languageEnglish (US)
JournalPopulation and Societies
Issue number508
StatePublished - 2014

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  • Demography
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