Challenges in implementing The Institute of Medicine systematic review standards.

Stephanie M. Chang, Eric B. Bass, Nancy Berkman, Timothy S. Carey, Robert L. Kane, Joseph Lau, Sara Ratichek

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In 2011, The Institute of Medicine (IOM) identified a set of methodological standards to improve the validity, trustworthiness, and usefulness of systematic reviews. These standards, based on a mix of theoretical principles, empiric evidence, and commonly considered best practices, set a high bar for authors of systematic reviews.Based on over 15 years of experience conducting systematic reviews, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality Evidence-based Practice Center (EPC) program has examined the EPC's adherence and agreement with the IOM standards. Even such a large program, with infrastructure and resource support, found challenges in implementing all of the IOM standards. We summarize some of the challenges in implementing the IOM standards as a whole and suggest some considerations for individual or smaller research groups needing to prioritize which standards to adhere to, yet still achieve the highest quality and utility possible for their systematic reviews.

Original languageEnglish (US)
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JournalSystematic reviews
StatePublished - 2013
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