Carcinoma in situ of the breast

D. Carter, R. R L Smith

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A series of 87 cases of carcinoma in situ of the breast was reviewed. In 49 cases in which lobular carcinoma in situ was shown on biopsy, 3 patients were found to have invasive carcinoma in the subsequently done mastectomy. All 3 of these cases were in a group of 14 patients shown to have bilateral lobular carcinoma in situ on biopsy. In a group of 38 patients with intraductal carcinoma on biopsy, 7 were found to have invasive carcinoma in the mastectomy that was subsequently done. Lymph node metastases were found in 1 patient in the lobular group and 4 patients in the intraductal group. 3 patients in the intraductal group died of cancer. None in the lobular group has died of cancer.

Original languageEnglish (US)
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Issue number3
StatePublished - 1977

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