Browser based platform in maintaining clinical activities-use of the ipads in head and neck clinics

W. Y. Yang, J. Moore, H. Quon, K. Evans, A. Sharabi, J. Herman, A. Hacker-Prietz, T. McNutt

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Purpose: Incompatibility between documentation and clinical workflow causes physician resistance in organized data collection, which in turn complicates the use of data in patient care improvement. To resolve the gap, we developed an iPad compatible in situ browser-based platform that integrates clinical activity with data collection and analysis presentation. The ability to perform in-clinic activities and monitor decision making using the iPad was evaluated. Methods: A browser-based platform that can exchange and present analysed data from the MOSAIQ database was developed in situ, the iPads were distributed in head and neck clinics to present the browser for clinical activities, data collection and assessment monitoring. Performance of the iPads for in-clinic activities was observed. Results: All in-clinic documentation activities can be performed without workstation computers. Accessing patient record and previous assessments was significantly faster without having to open the MOSAIQ application. Patient assessments can be completed with the physician facing the patient. Graphical presentation of toxicity progression and patient radiation plans to the patient can be performed in single interface without patient leaving the seating area. Updates in patient treatment status and medical history were presented in real time without having to move paper charts around. Conclusions: The iPad can be used in clinical activities independent of computer workstations. Improvements in clinical workflow can be critical in reducing physician resistance in data maintenance. Using the iPad in providing real-time quality monitoring is intuitive to both providers and patients.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number012095
JournalJournal of Physics: Conference Series
Issue number1
StatePublished - 2014
Event17th International Conference on the Use of Computers in Radiation Therapy, ICCR 2013 - Melbourne, VIC, Australia
Duration: May 6 2013May 9 2013

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