¡Bienvenidos, Archivos De Oftalmólogia En Español!

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We are pleased to announce that a Spanish language edition of the Archives of Ophthalmology will be published in Argentina for distribution in Central America, South America, and Spain. The first issue will appear in November 1984. The Spanish language edition will appear quarterly and will contain selections from the English language edition. These selections will be made by the South American Editorial Board. Approximately 80 pages will appear in each of the Spanish language issues. The initial circulation will be 3,000 copies per issue. Copies will be provided to members of the Argentina Ophthalmological Society and will also be available by subscription throughout the Spanish-speaking world. The Editorial Board of the Archives applauds this development. We are pleased with the opportunity of communicating more easily with our colleagues in Spanish-speaking countries. We anticipate that our authors will also be pleased by the prospect of having their contributions disseminated.

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JournalArchives of ophthalmology
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StatePublished - Nov 1984

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