Nina D. Dougherty, Mike Everett, Susan P. Baker, Paul H. Wright, A. Trent Germano, R. Gary Hicks, David Whitman, Steven C. Provost, Susan B. Haberkorn, Melvin Siegel, Roy C. Herrenkohl, David C. Grupp, Ralph W. Blevins, Bernard J. Vierling, Arthur R. Daniel

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Following is a continuation of the list of titles and authors of the papers presented: Bicycle As It Relates to the Energy Crisis. By Nina D. Dougherty. Costs and Benefits of Reducing Bicyclists' Exposure to Road-side Air Pollution. By Mike Everett. Problems in Assuring the Safety of Pedestrians. By Susan P. Baker. Safety Aspects of Bicycle Transportation. By Paul H. Wright, A. Trent Germano and R. Gary Hicks. Dangers of Parallel Bar Sewer Grates. By David Whitman. Mobility as It Relates to the Handicapped and the Elderly: An Overview. By Steven C. Provost. Elderly Pedestrian: A Special Problem. By Susan B. Haberkorn. Design of Pedestrian Facilities for the Washington Metro. By Melvin Siegel. Behavioral Aspects of High Rise Buildings. By Roy C. Herrenkohl. Fire Safety in High Rise Buildings. By David C. Grupp. Moving Walks. By Ralph W. Blevins. Morgantown Personal Rapid Transit Project. By Bernard J. Vierling. Bicycle Theft and Registration - An Overview. By Arthur R. Daniel Jr.

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StatePublished - 1800
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EventBicycle/Pedestrian Plann and Des, Semin, Proc, Walt - Orlando, FL, USA
Duration: Dec 12 1974Dec 14 1974


OtherBicycle/Pedestrian Plann and Des, Semin, Proc, Walt
CityOrlando, FL, USA

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