Best practice guidelines regarding prenatal evaluation and delivery of patients with skeletal dysplasia

Skeletal Dysplasia Management Consortium

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Background: Skeletal dysplasia comprises a heterogeneous and collectively common group of inherited disorders of development, growth, and maintenance of the human skeleton. There is potential for increased perinatal morbidity and mortality in pregnant women who themselves have skeletal dysplasia, and for affected fetuses where skeletal dysplasia is suspected in utero. Objective: We sought to establish guidelines for perinatal health care professionals who should be aware of these risks, to optimize maternal and child health pregnancy outcomes through best prenatal and delivery management practices. Study Design: A panel of 13 multidisciplinary international experts participated in a Delphi process, which comprised consideration of thorough literature review and a list of 54 possible care recommendations subject to 2 rounds of anonymous voting and a face-to-face meeting. Those recommendations with >80% agreement were considered as consensual. Results: During the first round, consensus was reached to support 30 out of the 54 statements. After the panel discussion, the group reached consensus on 40 statements. These statements include guidelines for the evaluation and treatment of pregnant women with skeletal dysplasia and for the unborn child with or suspected to have skeletal dysplasia. Conclusion: Consensus-based best practice guidelines are provided as a minimum of standard care to minimize associated health risks, and improve clinical outcomes for patients with skeletal dysplasia.

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JournalAmerican journal of obstetrics and gynecology
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  • skeletal dysplasia

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