Attitudes about and practices for skin cancer prevention among patients with dermatological issues in Hanoi, Vietnam: A cross-sectional study

Trang H.T. Nguyen, Bach X. Tran, Sau H. Nguyen, Carl A. Latkin, Cuong T. Nguyen, Son H. Nguyen, Hai Q. Pham, Cyrus S.H. Ho, Roger C.M. Ho, Jin Kyoung Oh

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Background: Raising awareness and educating people regarding practices for skin cancer or melanoma prevention are critical in the context of the adversely increasing effects of global climate change. This study aimed to explore the knowledge, attitudes, and practices regarding skin cancer prevention and to determine the associated factors to knowledge, attitudes, and practices among dermatological patients in Vietnam. Methods: This cross-sectional study included 590 dermatological patients between 18 and 82 years of age, who received an examination or treatment from the National Hospital of Dermatology in Hanoi, Vietnam, from September to December 2018. The respondents' attitudes on skin cancer and cancer prevention were assessed via face-to-face interviews with a structured questionnaire conducted by trained interviewers. Results: Of the 590 respondents, the majority of people had correct responses to the question regarding skin cancer knowledge. Among the total participants, 39.8% thought that they were at risk of skin cancer, and 13.8% believed their occupation increased their skin cancer risk. The majority of respondents used hats (94.9%) and sunscreen skin coats (89.5%) and went into the shade (86.3%) when exposed to the sun. Women were less likely to be aware of their skin cancer risk but were more likely to practice prevention behaviors. Conclusion: Our results show that dermatological patients have acceptable knowledge towards skin cancer prevention, but still need to change their behavior to prevent the risk of skin cancer. This study highlights the importance of education to raise awareness regarding skin cancer in order to promote practice prevention strategies for skin cancer in Vietnam.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number35
JournalEnvironmental Health and Preventive Medicine
Issue number1
StatePublished - Aug 1 2020


  • Attitudes
  • Practices
  • Skin cancer

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