Assessing a Digital Scorecard on Global Immunization Progress: Stakeholder Views and Implications for Enhancing Performance and Accountability

Rose Weeks, Padmini Vishwanath, Katy Atkins Stewart, Christine Liang, Oniovo Efe-Aluta, Folake Olayinka, Carolyn Inae Kim, Erlyn Macarayan, Lori Niehaus, Naor Bar-Zeev, Chizoba Wonodi

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Global health agencies and regional and national stakeholders collaborated to develop the Immunization Agenda 2030 Scorecard, a digital data visualization platform displaying global, regional, and country-level immunization progress. The scorecard serves to focus attention and enable strategic actions around the measures visualized. To assess the scorecard’s usability, appropriateness, and context for use, we interviewed 15 immunization officers working across five global regions. To further understand the implementation context, we also reviewed the characteristics of 15 public platforms visualizing population health data. We integrated thematic findings across both methods. Many platforms highlight service gaps and enable comparisons between geographies to foster political pressure for service improvements. We observed heterogeneity regarding the platforms’ focus areas and participants’ leading concerns, which were management capacity and resourcing. Furthermore, one-third of platforms were out of date. Results yielded recommendations for the scorecard, which participants felt was well suited to focus the attention of decision makers on key immunization data. A simpler design coupled with implementation strategies that more actively engage policymakers would better align the scorecard with other public platforms engaging intended users. For population health platforms to serve as effective accountability mechanisms, studying implementation determinants, including usability testing, is vital to meet stakeholder needs.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number193
Issue number2
StatePublished - Feb 2024


  • data visualization
  • evaluation
  • formative research
  • immunization
  • implementation research
  • population health
  • usability

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  • Infectious Diseases
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