Anesthesia for diagnostic and operative laparoscopy.

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Laparoscopic sterilization was performed on 50 racially distributed patients, aged 18-42 years, who were selected at random from the Outpatient Laparoscope Sterilization Clinic and offered sterilization under local anesthesia. The patients were injected with a systemic analgesic as well as a local anesthetic. One incision was made in the inferior rim of the umbilicus. The tubes were cauterized and a section removed. Patients were discharged after 2-3 hours in the recovery room with a prescription for an analgesic. Competent general anesthesia is considered safer than local anesthesia. Pain stimuli under local anesthesia can produce vasovagal responses at a higher rate than with general anesthesia.

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StatePublished - Oct 1971
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