Alcohol use and HIV risk behaviors among rural adolescents in Khanh Hoa Province Viet Nam

L. M. Kaljee, B. L. Genberg, T. T. Minh, L. H. Tho, L. T.K. Thoa, B. Stanton

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Research suggests that youth are consuming more alcohol and at younger ages than in the past Data also indicate that alcohol consumption is associated with participation in other risk behaviors including aggression and sexual behaviors. As part of a randomized control effectiveness trial for an HIV prevention program, 480 Vietnamese youth (15-20 years old) living in eight rural communes in Khanh Hoa Province were administered a paper and pencil baseline evaluation. The evaluation included items for actual and intended alcohol use, perceptions of peers' alcohol consumption, and attitudinal questions regarding alcohol. The tool included questions on engagement and intention to engage in sexual behaviors. In addition, 96 randomly selected youth participated in qualitative interviews on similar topics. Among the 480 surveyed youth, 29.2% had consumed alcohol. Among those youth, 17.6% reported intoxication in the past 6 months. While young men were significantly more likely to drink than young women (P < 0.00), those young women who did drink were as likely to report intoxication. Alcohol use was significantly associated with engagement in sexual behaviors (P < 0.00) and intention to engage in sexual behaviors (P < 0.02). The qualitative data provided information on the social contexts of drinking behaviors and more in-depth findings regarding associated risk behaviors. With limited information about alcohol consumption among Vietnamese youth, these findings suggest that there is a need for more extensive research on alcohol use and associated risk behaviors among this population, and for targeted alcohol prevention and harm-reduction programs.

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JournalHealth education research
Issue number1
StatePublished - Feb 2005
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