AIDS/HIV in the US military

E. C. Tramont, D. S. Burke

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HIV infection (AIDS) burst upon the scene a decade ago. Because it is a sexually transmitted disease that infects blood and kills its victim, it is military relevant and will impact on all aspects of the military. The US Army Medical Research and Development Command as 'Lead Agent for Infectious Disease Research' in the Department of Defense has developed a comprehensive approach to address military concerns: surveillance of infection rates (intelligence) around the world and in the military; behavioural research to develop more effective means of education to change behaviour; and biological research to develop a quick and easy field test, and a vaccine or drug to prevent the disease from occurring despite exposure. Its success will influence the success of the Army in the future.

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StatePublished - Mar 1993


  • HIV
  • US military
  • education
  • field test
  • surveillance
  • vaccine

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