A roadmap to advance delirium research: Recommendations from the NIDUS Scientific Think Tank

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Delirium is an acute disorder of attention and cognition. It occurs across the life span, yet it is particularly common among older adults, and is closely linked with underlying neurocognitive disorders. Evidence is mounting that intervening on delirium may represent an important opportunity for delaying the onset or progression of dementia. To accelerate the current understanding of delirium, the Network for Investigation of Delirium: Unifying Scientists (NIDUS) held a conference “Advancing Delirium Research: A Scientific Think Tank” in June 2019. This White Paper encompasses the major knowledge and research gaps identified at the conference: advancing delirium definition and measurement, understanding delirium pathophysiology, and prevention and treatment of delirium. A roadmap of research priorities is proposed to advance the field in a systematic, interdisciplinary, and coordinated fashion. A call is made for an international consortium and biobank targeted to delirium, as well as a public health campaign to advance the field.

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JournalAlzheimer's and Dementia
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StatePublished - May 1 2020


  • biomarkers
  • definition
  • delirium
  • dementia
  • diagnosis
  • measurement
  • pathophysiology
  • prevention
  • public health campaign
  • treatment

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