A mitochondrial heat shock protein from Crithidia fasciculata

Philip N. Effron, Al F. Torri, David M. Engman, John E. Donelson, Paul T. Englund

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MCP72 is a mitochondrial hsp70 protein from the trypanosomatid Crithidia fasciculata. An MCP72 cDNA clone was isolated from a C. fasciculata cDNA library by screening with antiserum specific for the homologous protein of Trypanosoma cruzi [9]. The MCP72 cDNA encodes a polypeptide of 663 amino acids which is 84% identical to the Trypanosoma cruzi protein and 56% identical to the Escherichia coli hsp70 protein DnaK. MCP72 is less similar to other hsp70 proteins. Native MCP72 was purified to homogeneity by ATP-agarose affinity chromatography. Comparison of its N-terminal amino acid sequence with that deduced from the cDNA sequence shows that 20 amino acid residues had been cleaved from the N-terminus; this sequence probably represents a mitochondrial import signal which is cleaved during translocation into the mitochondrion. Fluorescene microscopy, using antibodies specific for MCP72, indicates that the protein is concentrated in a region of the mitochondrial matrix which surrounds the kinetoplast.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)191-200
Number of pages10
JournalMolecular and Biochemical Parasitology
Issue number2
StatePublished - Jun 1993
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  • Crithidia fasiculata
  • Heat shock protein
  • Kinetoplast
  • hsp70

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