A crystalline fragment from human gamma-globulin

Edward J. Hershgold, Felix Cordoba, Patricia Charache, David Gitlin

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PAPAIN hydrolysis of rabbit γ-globulin has yielded a crystallizable polypeptide fragment with a molecular weight of approximately 80,000 which has no antibody activity1. Although analogous fragments have been crystallized from purified human myeloma globulins2, crystallization of a similar fragment from normal human γ-globulin thus far has not been reported. By performing the papain hydrolysis in relatively concentrated solutions of human γ-globulin, however, a crystalline polypeptide fragment has been obtained. Some work on this γ-globulin fragment is reported here.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)284-285
Number of pages2
Issue number4890
StatePublished - 1963

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