52 Precepts that medical trainees and physicians should consider regularly

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Being a physician is rewarding but also challenging in the complex health care system. As physicians, we are continually trying to deliver more effective and higher quality care to our patients. With improvement in mind, a list of precepts has been generated as a tool to remind all of us in clinical medicine about the exemplary characteristics, behaviors, and attitudes that are expected as the norm in this profession. The list is organized into four categories: promotion of relationships with patients, principles of the effective clinician, growth and improvement, and values to guide one's career in medicine. The list is envisioned as an instrument that may be helpful to medical learners and physicians by promoting reflection about ways to consistently perform at a high level while more fully appreciating the joy of practicing medicine. The list of precepts may also be useful to medical educators who wish to successfully mold the physicians of tomorrow.

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JournalAmerican Journal of Medicine
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StatePublished - Apr 2005


  • Doctor patient relationship
  • Patient care
  • Physician growth and improvement
  • Physician satisfaction
  • Physician self-evaluation

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